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Beautiful Chinese Girl Seeking Love and Marriage!
About Me:
A beautiful, attractive, intelligent, well-educated, open-minded, affectionate, feminine, sweet, caring, honest, faithful Chinese girl with a loving, true heart looking for love and marriage! My name is Katherine, from Shanghai, working and living here, speaking fluent English, native Chinese Mandarin and basic German. I am single, never married, without child!

I am a licensed, experienced, result-guaranteed Chinese teacher to teach Chinese Mandarin to foreigners of all ages & levels in Shanghai & Online for many years, meeting different Chinese learning needs of different learners, helping them achieve their Chinese study goals effectively, easily, enjoyably at the pace & time they prefer. And I am also an interpreter and translator for both English and Chinese language, and I am a travel guide as well.

I like my work, but also love life. I would like to be with the person matured, generous, a kind gentleman, who I admire, respect, love, spending good time together, walking hand in hand on the street, talking with arms draped around each other’s waist in a nice Café, embracing and kissing each other in a romantic place, falling into each other’s arms while watching the beautiful night views together- the city’s skyline, drinking coffee with heads laying on each other’s shoulder while enjoying the movie together- sometimes looking deeply into each eyes, sometimes smiling sweetly at each faces, sometimes kissing softly, slowly, sometimes whispering, sometimes flirting, sometimes without words…

I am seeking a matured, generous, a kind gentleman, a right life partner to share all the life romances, funs, successes and failures together, to build our future together, to keep the life fresh, energetic, intimate, sweet, and longer. I feel much warm, nice, safe, need to be loved and to love, need safety, need the real quality life. Hopefully, I could find the one who can accept me as I am as I would you, love each other, cherish each other, be kind, honest to each other, give each other the safety, and also have the same goal, sincerely and seriously looking for love and marriage! We can be good friends with first, and then see if we would be a perfect match!

P.S. I am Not looking for any online PenPal chat, like email, screen, or phone chat, but seeking to meet the Real person in Real life in Shanghai at first, hopefully! No Games, No Gimmicks!


M: +86 13651712893
E: meet.you.in.shanghai.
Skype: global.chinese
Wechat: global-chinese
I am:
Seeking a:
Marital Status:
Single / Never married
Looking for:
English, German, Chinese
Home and Family
Have Kids:
Professional Life
Arts, Community Service, Dancing, Dining, Family, Movies, Listening to Music, Photography, Reading, Watching Sports, Theater, Travel, Cooking, Computers / Internet, Television, Gardening, Crafts, Health / Fitness


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